Monday, February 18, 2013

Update: Logitech F710 Gamepad

In my previous posts, I reviewed the Logitech F710 gamepad and I commented on the lousy support I received from Logitech. While I recommended the gamepad before, I can no longer do so. Originally, when I tested the gamepad, I did so with the gamepad only a couple of feet from the computer. However, I'm using this gamepad to play games on my HTPC which means that the signal has to travel about 8 feet from the front of the computer to my couch. I've had tons of intermittent signal drops. When this happens, the controller is unresponsive and then the mode light blinks when the gamepad gets signal again. 8 feet and line-of-sight should be no problem, but it is.

I've tried all of the normal things, like checking the batteries and trying it on other computers, but the fact is that the wireless range on this controller is pathetic.

Considering that I found two-and-a-half year old forum posts on Logitech's website describing the same problem, this seems to be a design flaw that Logitech doesn't seem interested in fixing. Normally, I'd contact support, but as you saw in my previous post, you can't expect much help there either.

The point is that if you want a good gaming controller, I would suggest you steer clear of Logitech's offerings and see what Microsoft or Razer have available.


  1. Thanks for your post. I'm considering getting an F710 for an HTPC myself. I will need about 6-8 feet of range. Do you have any updates on this situation, or were you never able to get it to work properly?

    1. I wish I had read this, I brought this controller for xmas, its terrible... 2 feet out of line of side and youre disconnected.

    2. I just bought this controller and it works great for me. I have the wireless receiver connected to a hub sitting up on my desk. Try that, or a usb extension cable. That might improve your range significantly.

    3. I just tested mine, I get 25-30 feet of range before I run into my basement wall :) So I'm not sure how far it will go. Hopefully my previous suggestion will help. If not, perhaps something is interfering? Do you have a lot of wireless or blue tooth devices? If all else fails, contact Logitech. Perhaps you have a bad controller or receiver?

  2. I eventually bought a six foot USB extension (not this exact one:, but basically the same idea). By moving the receiver away from all of the metal of the computer case, I drastically increased the range. I wish that Logitech would include a decent receiver, but since they don't, this is really the only option.